List of artworks by artist Romain Froquet

Self-taught artist, Romain Froquet made his first steps in the artistic field in 2000.

His repetitive work around the line leads him to create his own pictorial language.

His multiple inspirations, ethnic, popular or design art allow him to develop a language that he applies in the public space during performances.
Romain Froquet is equally at home in drawing drawings in India ink on paper, or in working the material and color on canvas in the workshop only during in situ interventions. The urban universe is its field of expression for major works.
His main quest lies in a search for balance through a meticulous and rhythmic gesture.
The artist does not hesitate to develop this research during exhibitions in galleries, art centers or residences in France and abroad: India, United States and Russia

Romain Froquet is a French artist, born in Villeurbanne in 1982.
He lives and works in Paris.

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