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The power of deconstruction

Artist from the graffiti scene in Paris, Lek develops a style nourished by his years of architectural studies whose lettering, abstraction and futurism sign his work.

Influenced by the Bauhaus style, Lek reinvents classic codes and creates works of chaos. The artist uses deconstruction as a guide, making his work made of new forms such as directions or structures both rigid and ephemeral.
Always in search of places of importance, Lek expresses himself considering the constraints of the space to create a new and unexpected dynamics which dialogues with the environment.

Lek and Sowat: a common taste for Urbex!

Lek is at the origin of the Mausoleum project with Sowat, a monumental clandestine exhibition revealed in 2012 in a book that opened the doors of the Palais de Tokyo in which they spent two years creating an experimental exhibition in the building's emergency exits, initiating what will become the Lasco Project, the city's first official urban art program

Since, Lek and Sowat multiply collaborations with artists from various scopes such as the poet beat John Giorno, the stylists Agnès b and Jean Charles de Castelbajac, the pioneers of Graffiti Futura, Mode2 and Jonone or Jacques Villeglé, forerunner street art.

From 2015 to 2016, Lek & Sowat were residents of Villa Medicis in Rome.

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