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Fragments of life ...

To build, to realize, to work, to assemble the elements, to seek the harmony.
Telling stories, from inner self, related to memories, those buried, those of others, those of each.
Make matter speak, make it a breath, recall it, assemble it into fragments of life.
Paint snapshots, real and imagined images, portraits, reflections, figures.
Escape, to be lost in the motive, to summon the imaginary, to exceed the appearance.
To build again, to order, to destructure always, to reborn from chaos.
Forms, colors, contrasts, traveling beyond imagination to a timeless universe.

EvazéSir like to explore the deepest feelings. Each of their intervention sees the birth of installations that draw their strength from the assembly of their finds, register in the places they explore and leave a trace. That of memories.

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