List of artworks by artist Jo Di Bona

Jo Di Bona is doing artistic work in suburban Paris on walls and trains alongside Nestor & Lek, with their team VF.
At just 40 years old, this fervent follower of Graffiti, will move away to create what he will call later "POP GRAFFITI", mixing collages, various influences of Graffiti, but also Pop culture which he s is deeply impregnated.
In his works, Jo pays tribute to icons and great characters in history, works on anonymous portraits, while winking at other artists who are dear to him.

Jo Di Bona was awarded the 1st Graffiti Prize at the EDF Foundation in 2014 and participates in numerous projects of exhibitions, performances and murals.

Jo Di Bona also appears in many magazines and is currently preparing several exhibitions and projects, including the realization of a large fresco at POINT EPHEMERE for PREMIERE EMERGENCY INTERNATIONAL, the LOURES URBAN ART FEST in Portugal and on the 1st Salon of Contemporary Art in Cameroon, where he will also paint a large wall.
He is also quoted by the reference website ARTSPER among "The 10 artists to be absolutely followed in 2016", and will make the front page of the prestigious NEW YORK TIMES for his tribute wall directed at PETIT CAMBODGE ... for this artist whose generosity is up to of his talent because "the most important in his eyes is sharing. »(ARTIST'UP)

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