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Urban Poetry ...

A meeting with Philippe Hérard always provokes a strong emotion, from the surprise effect to the jubilation.
In front of his characters with the erased look, the stroller stops to observe the story that is played in front of him. A grin gains him at the same time as questions about human nature. Often simple. Sometimes existential.

The work of Philippe Hérard is all in contrast, like an artist who delivers a lot of himself and a few of us too. He is one of those who draw their energy from life in creation, that which comes from the depths of the self, which does not need to be commented on because everything is already said.

His works touch by their sensitivity, their humor, their poetry and the accuracy of situations that point to the many paradoxes of a Man in perpetual questioning.

Sometimes minimalist, sometimes saturated by improbable accumulations, between balance and instability, freedom and confinement, sweetness and anguish, derision and depth, the work of Philippe Hérard takes us into his universe according to spontaneous intentions.

"When we look in the streets, the collages of Philippe Hérard, - like these naked men with a buoy we can wonder if it is not the city itself that creates a balance effect for these characters in unstable posture. It is she, the city, who would present for our view the allegorical meaning of their place in the public space. When the representation of the wobbly becomes urban legend ... "
Exctract from "street-art collages by Philippe Hérard" by Henri-Pierre Jeudy, sociologist at CNRS

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